Your hidden personality

Discussion Guide

1. What are your core personality traits?

2. When have you acted out of character, and what motivated you to do it?

3. What have you learned about finding a balance between what’s authentic and what’s effective?

4. What can you do to better understand the personalities in your team—and help them understand yours? Have you ever tried explaining your personality to your colleagues? How did it go?

5. When you’ve worked with colleagues who have very different personality traits, how have you adapted? How have they accommodated your traits?

6. If you were to write an operating manual for how to work with you, what would you put in it?

7. If you asked your colleagues to write an operating manual for working with you, what do you think they would say?

8. Does your organization tend to favor or reward particular personality traits? How can you help people recognize the value in a diverse range of traits?

9. What steps can your workplace take to make sure it’s not only extraverts who land in leadership roles?

10. What are your restorative niches—the places, people, and projects that help you recharge and reconnect with your personality?