The Daily Show’s secret to creativity

Discussion Guide

1. When has your team been bursty? What were the key ingredients for bringing out burstiness?

2. When have you hesitated to share your ideas, and what were the barriers?

3. Who have you seen excel at creating psychological safety, and what lessons can you learn from them?

4. Other than telling embarrassing stories, what else can you do at the start of brainstorming sessions to lighten the mood and encourage people to let ideas fly?

5. How can you make sure everyone doesn’t just jump on the bandwagon of the boss’s favorite idea or the most popular idea in the room?

6. What structures could you build into your day to fuel the creative process? Have you ever tried sending people off in pairs to work on ideas in 90-minute blocks?

7. How can you protect time for task bubbles?

8. If you were going to implement blind auditions in your hiring process, what information would you collect from people beyond a resume and cover letter?

9. What steps can you take to help people understand that the very discomfort they might feel in diverse groups can actually stimulate creativity?

10. Once a team has become bursty, how can you spread their effective practices to other teams?