Networking for people who hate networking

Discussion Guide

1. What knowledge and skills do you most appreciate having in your network?

2. What’s the most interesting question someone has ever asked you upon first meeting? What are the questions you like to ask?

3. What are your favorite ways to be a mini-helper?

4. What are the places where you can have the most influence because they’re promoting a lot from within or growing quickly?

5. What kinds of problems can you learn through helping other people solve?

6. How can you make sure the office housework gets fairly distributed—and valued?

7. Whose help have you hesitated to seek because you don’t want to be a burden? Would it be easier to reach out with an advice request?

8. When you’re asking people for help, how can you highlight what makes it meaningful to you—and how it will benefit others?

9. How do you go about reconnecting with dormant ties?

10. What can you do to show the people in your network how much you’ve appreciated their help?