How to remember anything

Discussion Guide

1. How is memory useful in your job?

2. What techniques have you used to remember people’s names? Other details about them?

3. What are the areas of interest or expertise where you have an especially good memory?

4. What information would you love to get better at remembering?

5. If you were going to try storing that information mentally in a memory palace, what house would you use and what would you put in the different rooms?

6. How can you become more aware of what your colleagues remember, so you can draw on their knowledge when you need it?

7. In your workplace, who are the keepers of the organizational memory? How do they add value?

8. When you’re doing creative projects, can you develop better ways to draw on the archive of past ideas?

9. Have you ever found excellent recall to be a disadvantage? How can you overcome those challenges?

10. Have you ever accidentally mis-remembered someone else’s idea as your own?