Bouncing back from rejection

Discussion Guide

1. How have you bounced back from rejections in the past?

2. What’s the toughest professional rejection you’ve faced?

3. If you were going to write a letter showing yourself the kindness and understanding you would offer to a good friend after a rejection, what would you write?

4. Whose resilience do you admire, and what have you learned from them?

5. Have you ever fallen into the trap of blaming yourself after a rejection? Blaming others? Did you consider the possibility that the bigger issue was a mismatch?

6. What do you think of Sarah’s strategy of being more open about rejections in interviews and failures in her resume?

7. What are your different identities? When one is threatened, how can you lean on others?

8. Who are the different audiences for your work? When you get rejected by one, have you tried reminding yourself of others, like Night did?

9. To someone facing rejection in their career for the first time, what advice would you offer?

10. Are there times when rejection has made you better?