Become friends with your rivals

Discussion Guide

1. What did you find most interesting in the episode?

2. What did you disagree with?

3. Who are your biggest rivals at work, and what do you admire most about them?

4. Has their performance ever motivated you to work harder or smarter?

5. What larger goals could you pursue together? How can you form a common identity?

6. If you were going to train with some of your competitors, where would you start?

7. What steps can you take to prevent the destructive effects of rivalry? How can you discourage cheating and other forms of unethical behavior?

8. In your team, what are the symbols of owed respect—that everyone is treated with the dignity they deserve as human beings? How do you foster earned respect—admiration for performance or contribution?

9. Do you currently strike a good balance between owed respect and earned respect? If not, what might you do to change it?

10. How can you learn to accept mixed emotions? When you envy a rival’s success, how can you make sure you enjoy or celebrate it too?